Shenzhou car voted E Drive new round of financing source said the tip of the iceberg


technology news on October 13th news, according to informed sources, China has confirmed that the car involved in the e-generation driving a new round of financing, the insider also revealed that in the new round of financing and stronger investment, Shenzhou car is just the tip of the iceberg".

for the above statement, Shenzhou car and E-Drive both declined to comment.

October 8th, Shenzhou car operators and car technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "excellent car technology") announced the completion of $550 million B round of financing. The new investors include industrial information management, Xinhua Chinese Chengtong and capital, Credit Suisse and other 7 well-known Chinese and foreign institutions. The original shareholders, the United States Warburg investment group, China auto rental and Legend Holdings under the union capital also participated in the round of investment. After the completion of the current round of financing, excellent car technology valuation of $3 billion 550 million.

in May this year, E-Drive completed a D round of financing, financing amount of $100 million, after the completion of financing E-Drive company overall valuation of $800 million. Round of investment led by the United States Warburg Investment Group investment, the last round of investment in the latitude and longitude of the venture capital, the speed of sound vibration with the cast.

2 months ago, drops announced to invest into the generation of driving on behalf of the business, launched in August every day on Wednesday to avoid a single event, the price war on behalf of the driving force in the field of the 100 million. Subsequently, E-Drive announced that the month of August on Wednesday, in the 25 city national free single.

CEO on E-Drive Yang Jiajun and driving on behalf of the competition between the drops drops when he said, driving on behalf of entering the market, people have a higher degree of concern for E-Drive, the market is also increasing.

Yang Jiajun said that in August the most violent competition, E-Drive orders has not decreased, but an increase of 25%. At the same time, in September 21st than in the same period in August 21st orders also increased by 20%, which is the fastest growth in the same period of time. (Ivan)

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