A5 financing briefing real gold honey Xiaoming cycling machine good buy clothing nets and so were

1 room gold

Investment: Dawn Group

investment amount: 26 million yuan

Internet real estate financial services — real gold on the day before the announcement, the formal introduction of strategic investors — dawn group, the two sides signed a billion strategic investment agreement, and complete the A round of financing, the initial investment amounted to 26 million yuan.


2 mesh network

: Beijing Sheng

capital investment

investment amount: 14 million yuan

at a news conference on September 23rd, P2P net loan platform net investment network officially announced the acquisition of the capital Beijing Sheng collar 14 million yuan Pre-A round of financing investment.


3 machine honey

Investor: 51 credit card

investment amount: 10 million yuan

recently, the machine honey obtained by 51 credit card offers tens of millions of dollars A round of financing. Honey machine is committed to creating a global intelligent terminal to provide high-end rental platform, iPhone, MacBook, iMac, Xinjiang UAVs, VR, AR, GoPro, Surface, Tesla, Leica and other high-end technology products, leasing and maintenance services.


4 heart network

investors: China investment

investment amount: 200 million yuan

recently, focusing on the internet medical information services, heart medical network announced that it has completed the investment from the Central Bank of Germany to invest 200 million yuan C round of financing. Heart medicine network was established in May 2014, membership in the heart medicine International Health Technology Co. Ltd., is a focus on the hierarchical diagnosis and innovative medical solutions for professional service providers, services covering 31 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide, the cooperation of the hospital has more than 3000 users.


5 health information

: with the capital investment Fosun Hao

investment amount: 70 million yuan

health information announced on August 2016 to complete the A+ round of tens of millions of RMB financing, the investor is Fosun Group, Fosun with Hao capital, A round and A+ round of financing totaling about 70000000 yuan.


6 League branch medicine

investors: Jin Pu investment

investment amount: $55 million

League branch medicine to complete the C round of financing, investment and other investment by the king, involving an amount of $55 million. The alliance is committed to the discovery and development of safer treatments for drug-resistant bacterial infections

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