GOOGLE single mode behind

it is difficult to imagine, support Google huge search project, it turned out to be a very single search theme, as well as a very simple advertising model.

On the surface of

, Google meets all of the typical characteristics of a technology company succeeded: the founder of young has become a billionaire; the number of employees about 3500 people; want to enter this company who broke the threshold. However, the real Google is completely different from the other. The Google search engine to fortune, so far, almost all the business of this company is spread around this center. Paradoxically, Google powerful search engine allows consumers to easily understand a product information, on the one hand, which will undoubtedly weaken the traditional advertising effect; on the other hand, Google is currently 99% of its revenue from advertising, but this is advertising network advertising. This single profit model can lead Google how far?

– the single mode of "beauty" of

in the near future, Google released a quarterly profit growth of nearly 5 times over the same period in the first quarter. First quarter Google net profit of $369 million 200 thousand, the main business sales revenue increased from $443 million to $155 million over the same period last year, the main business profit margin increased from 23.8% to 35.2%. Search advertising is still the main source of Google revenue.

in August last year, since the listing of Google, its share price has almost doubled, so far, this upward trend is still not declining trend. Did Wall Street investors lose their minds again? Internet bubble era proves that this is not impossible. However, the rise of Google is not the old Internet companies started to rely on advertising copy. Google keyword auction advertising is an elegant art, this kind of advertising is not directly aimed at all the audience, to some extent, is the user’s own choice of advertising.

in order to better understand this difference, we can compare the United States online and Microsoft MSN had to take the model. Almost all of these companies have television and print media, their purpose is simple: to cover a wide range of content on the web page, and then click on the page to sell advertising space. This model encourages advertising to attract the attention of the audience, so a wide variety of colorful banners, pop-up or video ads will be the eyes of the user to move away from the body.

Google style is completely different. It does not create news or entertainment content, and its web page is not colorful design to retain users. Google, on the other hand, has been pursuing a minimalist Zen aesthetic, and its search engine pages are always sending users to other people’s sites as quickly as possible. Google is never interested in attracting users.


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