From the balance of treasure to see the network marketing skills

June 2013, Alipay launched in cooperation with Celestica fund’s first Internet fund. The balance of treasure is composed of third party payment platform Alipay to create a balance of value-added services. Through the balance of treasure, users can directly purchase funds and other financial products in the Alipay website, get a relatively high income, while the balance of treasure funds but also at any time for online shopping, Alipay transfers and other payment function. Soon, this concept is extended to the concept of Internet banking".

July 2013, Taobao announced financial data show that the amount of its users to buy financial products per capita is 3417 yuan, 90% of the financial crisis to become the main consumer, accounting for nearly 60% of its total users. Just a month, the scale has more than 10 billion yuan. Alipay, the success of the balance of treasure, but also to other Internet companies to launch himself, demand treasure, a few meters fund net cash treasure, Sina push payment is also ready to push micro bank.

a product stirred up the entire market, spread unprecedented. In particular, there are a lot of money funds are not even know what the Internet users have become the first batch of the balance of treasure customers. Where is the charm of the bank deposits, the banks and the devaluation of the 90, the balance of treasure is undoubtedly the best choice.

in addition, mobile phone Alipay 7.1 version also launched a mobile phone function of the balance of treasure. By the rapid momentum of Internet banking, the balance of treasure just 18 days on the line, the number of users will break through the 2 million 500 thousand. Mobile Internet era, the balance of treasure is also difficult to stop the wave of movement. Alipay data show that the 7.1 release date, only half a month’s time, the number of users in the mobile phone operation transferred to the balance of treasure proportion has reached a staggering 57%! That is to say, only to an operation, the number of users to use Alipay wallet has exceeded the number of users in the website operation!

balance treasure is the product of the Internet financial derivatives, it can be so successfully sought after, has its unique mode of operation. In this paper, the author summarizes some network marketing skills.

popular products – low threshold

product marketing whether traditional marketing or network marketing, to achieve the industry the market is the initiator of evil, the biggest cake. The development of any industry to promote popular, everyone can also be able to get more attention, more favor. So is product marketing. Enterprises should grasp the psychology of the masses, the first in the industry to find other people did not find the market. In fact, the bank did not like the balance of treasure such products, but these products are starting amount limit, make the most of the potential customers at a distance. Balance treasure is invigorated the user’s idle demand deposits. Deposit idle is idle, why not make it this Many a little make a mickle.? "Is the voice of the majority of users. Similarly, for a company that does not have a brand no market customers, do anything to start from the public, the popular product is to adapt to the trend of the product.


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