6 QQ allows you to create amazing changes in traffic

I do stand for one and a half years, from the start at IP on the two hundred or three hundred to an average of more than 2 thousand IP every day now, and I usually in the group of IP can sometimes in ten thousand or twenty thousand, the following is my experience of the station, where up to share with you

at the beginning of the day slaving over a half-dead a website to live. IP also did not see the rise, it is anxious. I do not know how to promote the forum to improve traffic. During the forum server is always a problem, open the stop is always in the state, a year will always stay in about 500 IP. But I always refused to give up, the enthusiasm of young people at this time on the full show, I must insist that one day their own forum will be recognized by everyone. I do not update the forum resources every day, I pray that Baidu can be a little more. But everything is not as satisfactory, look at the search engine scanty numbers, as well as advertising alliance on the meager income. Really tired, just as I do nothing I know now girlfriend, she is very interested in the operation of the site, her enthusiasm let me regain confidence. Looking at her every day to update the content, the effect is not very obvious, the heart that is urgent ah. Then think about the contents of the light does not promote the promotion or not, the next is to learn website promotion, SEO, etc.. One day I saw a friend sent a mid autumn blessing "come, look after feeling do very beautiful, I had an idea, thought now close to the Mid Autumn Festival is still a week or so, if the page on its website, the blessing to others. A netizen ten, ten hundred, the effect is very good. Heartbeat as action, we immediately division of action, I am responsible for modifying the web site to our site, the girlfriend is responsible for the application of QQ plus a number of mobile phone group, when everything is ready, the rest is sent a blessing.

the morning of the second day 8:00 clock, we began to hair, just start just to try the effect how, after three QQ hair is no longer made, each QQ group was forty or fifty, in the afternoon we know who IP is up to more than 5 thousand, this figure was really beyond our expectation the. I do not forget to apply for more than a few QQ, in the evening to the peak of the Internet, we started a new round of attack. In the early hours of the morning, I want to see what the results are in the end how many days, actually from the original more than and 500 to nearly twenty thousand of the figure, it can be said that the entire turn over the times of 40. It’s just amazing. The original increase in traffic can be done with such a simple method. Before I go to sleep again to each group again, so we get up in the morning to open the first QQ see is your blessing. You send more, and some groups will ask you out, but I don’t care. So I insist on hair three times a day, until some of my friends are very disgusted with my practice, and then also remember my website, the perfect discovery forum, which is what I want to effect. In those days I kept my flow between ten thousand and twenty thousand. But I know it’s not

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