Fish marketing system to help enterprises break the WeChat micro public platform

50% users are not satisfied with the service capabilities of the company WeChat public number

2015, AI media consulting released a set of data, the data show that in 2015 77.4% of respondents said they have been concerned about the number of mobile phone users WeChat public number, and the media and businesses are the main concern of the user. Nowadays, more and more enterprises will be WeChat public number as the enterprise display window, and use it as a bridge to communicate with the user service. And more companies have begun to increase investment in the public numbers, the side view, but also reflects the quality of the operation of WeChat public number for the promotion of the enterprise and service development plays a great role. Whether it is small or medium-sized enterprises, have gradually realized the importance of WeChat public number for the enterprise.

AI media network news, according to WeChat official public information, as of February 2016, WeChat public account has more than 10 million, of which the enterprise account reached 650 thousand. According to AI media consulting the latest data show that in 2015 77.4% of mobile phone users have expressed concern about the number of WeChat public, and the media and businesses for the user’s main concern. However, up to 50.2% of users said they are not satisfied with the service of WeChat public number.


AI media data show that the lack of innovation in the content of WeChat public number, account number, business dispersion is the current user of the enterprise WeChat public number of the most important factors of dissatisfaction.

who will help small and medium enterprises to do a good job WeChat public number

how to play the public number, how can the public do WeChat, from the current data, the WeChat public do good business, mainly some large enterprises, such as: China Mobile, China Merchants Bank, McDonald’s, rainbow mall, Luxuries house with other enterprises. These enterprises are set up powerful enterprises WeChat public operations and development team, through their technical team for the two time development of WeChat public number, to achieve a more comprehensive service for the show, is to provide users with better services, but to use the WeChat public No. two development, to achieve more comprehensive services show, the cost is very large, some small and medium-sized enterprises did not have the technical development team dedicated as large enterprises, limited resources. The small and medium enterprises in the operation of the public number WeChat is facing too many accounts, management difficulties, too many messages can not be timely reply, two-dimensional code marketing results are not easy to analyze and other issues. How to solve these problems? In the end who can help SMEs solve these problems?

fish ponds micro marketing system came into being

in such a situation, like fish micro marketing system such WeChat public number based software came into being, pond micro marketing system is developed, wisdom Shenzhen Software Technology Co. Ltd. It is understood that the pond micro marketing system is a set of WeChat WeChat customer service, customer management, WeChat group, WeChat customers personalized multiple mining and two-dimensional code statistical analysis of marketing and other functions in one.

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