Dry cargo can help you become a good advertising

just a long line of planner told me that he recently joined a new WeChat group, the group is the major digital/social company’s young planner. We often share in the group and the exchange of ideas, especially on multi strategy is 4A, which is also called dry cargo.

I listen to feel very good, but he has his own confusion, light can help to study these dry cargo him become a good planner

some day in the future?

this child was not related to professional origin. Initial exposure to advertising was done in a 4A company for a few months as an intern. The short internship can stimulate him to give up for later professional advertising, he said, "because I saw a group of people who love life. XX can sing opera, XX go to ballet, you’re painting… I think that’s what I want to do."

this is probably the reason I chose to enter the advertising industry. Ten years ago, when I first opened the "I" Ogilvy & Mather’s point of view, remember where advertisers can put all interests to work, even if you have to go to work when listening to music, reading a magazine, talking, will not cause criticism, because those who are tolerant as absorbing knowledge, looking for inspiration. As can be imagined, on a green hand society fresh, a fun and profitable work have much


I have no objection to even hear a lot of dry cargo, sometimes "dry cargo" and "dry cargo" will feel bored. However, the new planner is right for me, has been like a vampire from dry cargo stage, now I need to throw away the dry cargo bound and burden, mastery, a sword heart. And just started the new, still in the early stages of accumulation, the methodology can help them better understand the way of thinking, to find a solution to the problem of exports.

I just have a little reminder. For advertisers, especially planner, dry cargo is the foundation, is a tool, but even master dry cargo can make you become a good planner, good advertising. It’s a good idea to be a good actor. The first student film school, the theory of performance backward Stanislavski system of students, can not be a good actor. Corresponding to the planner architecture, master the strategy well, finally analyze the problems and challenges of the brand comes from the experience of mining insight comes from the life, the brand that refining capacity comes from the accumulation of thinking and inspiration for month after month and year after year.

only focused on the study of dry cargo and ignore life observation and experience of people, can not become a good planner, good advertising.

and in addition to observation and experience, I also want to say is empathy empathy ability.

a friend is a very experienced planner. >

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