The fastest way to learn a copy is the way it is

learning is a long road, there is no way to quickly learn.

Oh, in addition to this method.

well, today the steepest method of open learning. Besides, there’s nothing to do.

it’s a trade secret. I didn’t want to say it, but because too many people ask me, "how to learn it quickly?. "

‘s approach is like, "how to make a lot of money," and "how to marry a man of my God.".

and completely ignore its own conditions and accumulation.

it doesn’t matter, I can help you this way, do not need any foundation, do not need any hard work.

may be a bit of a psychological torment, but that little thing that can not affect you, it may take a little time, but not too long.

if you hold on.

learn the fastest way to copy, only three words.

was torn manuscript!

Oh sorry, it should be five words.

has been ripped off!

I’m not joking. I’m telling you the truth.

tear is a very complex mental mechanism and visual impact, but also contains a lot of interpersonal relationships and insight into the meaning of the people inside.


no matter how long you spend three or three weeks, you’ll be able to create a pile of waste paper in the next thirty seconds, by writing a piece of ten or more pieces of information.

Whether you have a

computer archive, the printed paper as if you have children, no one knows who he had in mind, he knew only ashes to ashes in your eyes.

that every word on the paper you may have thought a thousand times, or you just inadvertently.


is torn off at the moment, some blood in your heart is more a collapsed.

watched it flying through the air, you think this night, red with each word is knocked down; you rubbed his wrist, the long-term by typing and become a member of carpal tunnel syndrome, and your long-term because sitting in a chair and is mast ass, a scene in front of your eyes scene, disappear.

Tear strength of the

release to you are, if you usually feeling cooperation smoothly, it may be directly on the open, more symbolic than substantive significance.

if I had seen you for a long time. The spark, it will tear strength and frequency of the release up to 9X9, from the corner to the tear, a corner will not be torn down all, and will gradually expand, to ensure that every word has a crack across, from the title, introduction, text, one of the demands is torn, "…

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