Explore the process of a website from planning to operation

for a long time did not write the original, and the following on the site from the planning to the operation of the detailed steps to understand the contents of this site to understand the key points of success. State laws and family rules. The same is true of the Internet industry, your station is very easy to die because of the order is not in accordance with the norms, on the contrary, if you follow his norms to do, your station is easy to stay. But this is just an empty shell, depending on the development results of the last factor is the soul of the website, and then you have to look at the operators and develop their own thinking.

first, the idea of extending the operation of the website

how to make the site stand out?. He needed all operations entirely to the extreme heat at the same time, let the development of personalized website. As for the method can only rely on their own thinking, the first step is to do the site’s characteristics, so the webmaster must have the expansion of the operation of the website thinking.

two, determine the site content

everything you need to plan, when you have enough mind and expand the thinking operation, will begin to carry out in-depth understanding of their choice, not a brain fever, see what industry heat will do what must go further investigation, you know how to choose the industry heat, visit see what are these contents, how to compile is reasonable, how to make your site columns of each logical distribution, let browse the content on your site friend, know that they are lacking in what point and need to achieve access to the content, they need help in content your site.

First we will

industry in the top 30 websites according to the popular content and distribution of different columns to a division, to find a column content direction, see through the Alexa heat analysis of the reading website main traffic sources, and summed up the trends of their keywords and content columns. Then select the main columns of your site to complete the final purpose of the site survey.

on the basis of your survey, thinking about the future and the future of contrast and opportunity. I like to do a military content, so I think in October 1, 2009 the day of the 60 Daqing parade is definitely a highlight of course or try not to involve political problems. I’m just talking about it, or if I’m doing an entertainment website, the different ways and means of the festival will attract a lot of users. We want to assign these reasonable to their column, after filling is also convenient. In this way, we will finally determine their main columns and main content.

three, web site features survival

to complete the above their own site to determine the column, we will be on the site for the first time is also the most important definition: the main direction of the site, the main features and the final profit point.

this is all the network marketers repeatedly stressed, but we have a lot of friends in the webmaster do not consider. They’re still there

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