Local website the nternet has been neglected for 15 years a gold mine

Lenovo investment managing director Liu Erhai

whether news or classified information, or community, the region plays a very important role. From the point of view of the development of the United States, many people through the local newspaper Web site to get news, rather than the national website. Classified information website Craigslist, was founded by Craig Newmark in California, San Francisco, in 1995. It is a large online free classified advertising site, currently covering about 570 cities around the world, the operation was very successful. AOL, the country’s largest web site, also has two local news related sites, one is Inside.in, and the other is Patch.com. We can see that the local news and community should be the important development direction in the future.

local web site can be divided into many categories, such as: classified ads, local portals, local forums, etc., many sites are mixed, here collectively referred to as the local community.

China is still the current stage of several national website leading network, local communities are relatively weak. Early information port, the hotline is generally not very good business, the system is one of the reasons, on the other hand, it is possible to start their own telecommunications, news, community management is not good. But there are still few sites have no small influence, such as: online.sh.cn, Tianfu hotline. Tencent has also made achievements in local cooperation, Chongqing is a large network of Tencent and business cooperation. A lot of media to establish their own independent website, such as: Southern Newspaper Media Group Holdings, the Southern Metropolis Daily’s Shenzhen Olympic Information Network Co., ltd.. It can be seen that many domestic enterprises are also very focused on the development of the local community.

talking about the local community, there is a new force is emerging. Some start from the newspaper website, such as: Hangzhou’s 19 floor. Some grassroots entrepreneurship, such as: Changzhou Hualong lane. As for Xiamen small fish, the original is a public service website. These sites have gradually become a local community can not live without. I soon went to Hangzhou on a business trip from the airport by taxi, occasionally asked the driver on the master what network?. It seems that the coverage of the crowd is really very wide.

in the development of China’s Internet has been 15 years of time, from the beginning of the portal, and then to the vertical website, and then to a large community, the local web site has not been very good development. This may be related to the penetration of the Internet path. The network is still the first to start from the IT, and gradually penetrate into the young people, and then to the mainstream society. National Web site is relatively easy to bring together the country’s Internet users, only to wait until the local Internet users base is large enough, the development of the local network has become possible. From the point of view of income, even now, the income of the local community is still relatively limited, not to mention a few years ago.

critical point

the main customer of the local community is the local population, so the penetration of the local Internet is a very important prerequisite for the development of the local community

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