Pan analytical domain profit case others sentenced sentenced to imprisonment


domain name on other web sites, and will increase the website analysis to provide pan subdomain mount gambling advertising outside the IP address, to seek economic benefits. In December 4th, Anhui Province, Xuancheng city Xuanzhou District People’s Court of first instance verdict on the case (Law weekly in November 10th was to "crime and repentance: Pan analytical domain name" others title Report), the defendant Wang was sentenced to one year; the defendant Chen was sentenced to nine months probation. In one year and six months; the two accused of illegal income 13 thousand yuan to be recovered and turned over to the state treasury.



one day in November 2013, Wang and brother Chen collusion on the Internet through the website domain name pan analytic economic benefits. The same year in December to February 2014, Chen reached a cooperation agreement with the acquisition of Pan domain "customers via the Internet, and will provide the overseas IP address is sent through the network to Wang, Wang in accordance with customer requirements of website domain name analytic pan. Subsequently, Chen Wang will do a good job in the domain name pan analytical records forwarded to the customer acceptance.

during this period, Wang, Chen worked on the Xuancheng municipal Party Committee Organization Department website "Xuancheng Pioneer Network, Anhui personnel examination network, Fujian tobacco network 124 websites such as domain name resolution, and will increase the website analysis to provide pan subdomain mount gambling advertising outside the IP address, disrupting the normal the working order of the relevant departments, the damage related site credibility. Wang profit from 7000 yuan, Chen profit of $6000.

in May 29th this year, Wang was arrested; in July 29th, Chen surrendered to the local public security bureau. Two people were arrested after truthfully confessed the crime.

October 31, 2014, Wang, Chen’s relatives were in court to pay the money 7000 yuan, 6000 yuan, a total of 13 thousand yuan.

the court held that the defendant Wang Chen, in violation of state regulations, the computer information system in storage, processing or transmission of data and applications to increase operation, the consequences are serious, their behavior has violated the criminal law, constitute the crime of destroying computer information system.

Truthfully confessed his crime, can

Wang justice and the trial department frankly, can be given a lighter punishment according to law. Chen surrendered the initiative after the arrest and trial can truthfully confessed, Department of surrender, a lighter or mitigated punishment according to law.

Wang, Chen’s relatives were on behalf of the two defendants from each of all the money, Wang, Chen can be punished more leniently.

Wang’s criminal facts, nature, circumstances and social harm, decided their sentences; Chen comprehensive facts of the crime, nature, circumstances and social harm, the probation is no longer dangerous crime, and no significant adverse impact on the residential community, decided to.

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