Stationmaster net broadcast Ali inject 6 billion word of mouth network back our network was renamed

1 express was $13 million Pre-A round of financing, corporate reimbursement APP to seize the enterprise consumption into

, consumption, consumption of enterprise entrance entrance entrance, is the key to express card products "". Although it is now a free application for enterprise reimbursement applications, but it really needs to do is the enterprise consumer scene Slack.

To express the

in June 23, 2015, officially announced that it acquired by Ming potential capital and geeks help voted 13 million yuan Pre-A round of financing in May 2015, the mobile Internet business based on APP reimbursement a record amount of financing in the field of domestic SaaS complete product line before the.

2.PPT: WeChat public number dry cargo infrastructure and planning manual entry of  

I found that many entry-level WeChat public practitioners do not have a basic understanding of WeChat, is a step by step accidentally came. And now a lot of articles do not have a comprehensive introduction to the construction of WeChat’s operations, so this article will be the number of WeChat public infrastructure and planning to do a detailed introduction to explain. What is the difference between the WeChat public number


just started a lot of WeChat practitioners will encounter a problem, I do not know should use the service number or subscription number, always tangled in the end is to register one, or 2 are registered.

3 marketing people wake up! This is the correct position of   new media marketing;

this title was originally written for micro-blog marketing at the time, as you know, this is the last year to write (original title), but one is a year, when I wrote a fifth point stop no writing.

mediocre years so silently passed away, looking back a year ago the words, or even so interesting. Some things will not be changed in time, that is, the heart of the writing.

I now find the sixteen points but not the basic quality of micro-blog marketing needs, but also new media marketing to some basic skills, so just change the name: new media marketing into the ultimate collection, the following is the text.

4 capital injection of $6 billion Ali Ali came back to the domain name resurrection  

June 23rd hearing, today, Alibaba group’s joint ant Gold Service announced that it will inject 3 billion, a total of $6 billion to set up a local life service platform company reputation". That is to say, Ali "word of mouth" after 4 years of absence, with strong capital of 6 billion yuan in return, the official domain name "back from the dead".

was established in 2004, word of mouth network, was the first real estate information, two years

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