U S mission Ctrip Ali travel APP hotel products competing analysis

a, industry overview

industry: online travel industry

industry segmentation: online hotel reservation


industry overview

development prospect: according to the ratio of consulting data, Chinese hotel market is in rapid growth, huge market space in the future, is expected to 2018 Night online hotel will reach 740 million, the size of the transaction will be more than 150 billion.

driving force: the favorable industry policy, consumption upgrade; Internet technology, Internet users accustomed to the basic form of the Internet giant; active layout, industrial capital continued investment, actively promote the overall development of the hotel market online.

market characteristics: mobile terminal has become a new battlefield of the online hotel market, penetration continues to improve; big data, cloud computing and other sophisticated technologies for online hotel market provides support for precision marketing.

market share

online hotel booking platform is divided into three main categories:

OTA platform: platform integration The Upper Reaches Hotel supplier content and data, real-time query, booking room. Players: Ctrip Travel, where to travel, etc..

buy platform: platform integration The Upper Reaches Hotel supplier content, no hotel real estate data, before buying to make an appointment. Players: United States, glutinous rice, etc..

direct marketing platform: the official website of the hotel or the official APP, no agents, real-time data updates, users direct inquiries, reservations. Player: live, such as home.

three platforms accounted for the market share in 2015:


thus can be seen, OTA platform is the mainstream market, accounting for 70% market share. According to other relevant data, Ctrip has always occupied the first place in the online hotel booking market share, was originally located in the second place where the United States travel to catch up, Ali followed by travel. According to the relevant news and research reports, no specific data.


two, competing product selection

competing product level division

core competing products: buy platform: Baidu Nuomi – Hotel

U.S. group and Baidu Nuomi belong to the same type of buy APP, hotel modules are part of it, in the same market segments, user behavior and the use of the scene is very similar.

important competing products: OTA platform: Ctrip, where to travel, eLong Travel, Ali travel

with the same market segments – online hotel booking has a very high market share, the top 4 trading volume, but the entry point is different, user behavior and the use of different scenarios.

general competitive goods: Hotel Official APP: China, such as home; UGC brigade >