Music DNA find the song in your life

music is the most beautiful enjoyment, is the most clear, the most thorough expression of feelings, whether sad, sad or happy, can listen to different music to feel deeply. Music is the most abstract art, most people don’t know what to listen to the song, do not know what kind of song for you, in the dazzling variety of music charts and the song list, "popular" is not suitable for their own music with their ears.

we believe that everyone is not the same qualities, everyone has their own song, in different stages of time and life, all have different songs can wake up your sleeping soul, renew your brilliance. In Comsenz (Comsenz) roaming (Manyou) open platform, there is a music application: DNA, can help people find the song of their own.

DNA music through some simple psychological test, analysis to assume that everyone different music is DNA, "deep Sax", or "beautiful piano" and "the intense electric guitar? Everyone has their own features in music, music control DNA, are suitable for their own song.

, for example, is a type of music DNA, which is often used as a way to express a person’s attitude to life and to show his taste in the. They love in complex and romantic music quietly taste, rich connotation, preference can make people ponder the music; in the genre, prefer Bruce, jazz, classical music, folk music, CLASSICAL POP, NEW AGE, Beethoven, Luo Dayou, Bobby Chan, Xu Wei, Cheer Chen, Faye Wong, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan Norah, Jones, Ono Lisa, Enya is their love singer.

as a social network (SNS) in an application, the music DNA not only has a psychological test and find the right music features, but also interactive dating. You can give your favorite songs to friends, you can see other people listen to the song, you can even find their own music DNA similar to those "like-minded" friends.

in the roaming open platform, such as the application of music DNA there are many, this type of tool application is characterized by a different perspective to enrich people’s lives. From the official Comsenz learned that as of the end of April 2009, built using the UCenter Home SNS site has more than 13 million, a variety of tools for applications of the more than ten million users of the website can use roaming open platform, as I love K chart, homemade electronic card, shiny fitness and so on.