About the new car taxi industry to pick up some of the network about the car driver or leave

recently, there are media network about the new car issued do market survey, the biggest competitor in the network about the car after the new deal, the taxi industry began to pick up, but because of gravity are turning to the car drops, comply with the new requirements of second-hand car prices and other factors, the net about car drivers or there will be a part of people to evacuate.

earlier, a set of data released by AI media consulting, if the floor of the new deal, about 38.2% net car drivers to open the black car, 17.8% would choose to leave the city. The drops have also started on the policy tendency of car drivers, will give drivers the car driver not enjoy subsidies, drops in support of car.

at present, in the new deal under the car rental company, the main push meets the comfort standard for car car operation to car drivers, in the second-hand car market, part of the standard models of the price has risen by 15%, it can be expected that the bundled Beijing second-hand car brand to become a big selling point, which will to accelerate the network about car drivers to evacuate the city.

under the new deal, rent Beijing brand driver, rent car + license driver income are not as good as before. "It is not on the home" has become this kind of do not meet the requirements of the network about the car driver’s helpless retreat.

on the other side, has been greatly affected by the network about the taxi industry about the new car about the new deal in general response: "it should be so." Now, network about cars and taxi expenses have also been gradually similar price, and the cost is more than the taxi car.

in the three win consulting researcher Chen Shenghua view, net about real car after landing, if the policy does not allow foreign drivers driving network about cars, they need to survive, is likely to continue illegal carrying of the guests, or to open the black car.