Which is the most authoritative network marketing monitoring site

in each phase of the program, Xiaobian everyone will give you some practical and useful things, so let’s guess today Xiaobian will bring you what fun and novelty of the good stuff? For doing network marketing buddies, this small series to share all content will make you excited, because the effect of network marketing the next small series to share with everyone, no one with no predecessors after the high-end air quality monitoring sites.

believe that the vast majority of small partners in the network marketing work is the most headache is how to monitor the effectiveness of network marketing. Afraid of trouble, trouble is we in this era of human nature, and also let us repeatedly doing the same thing to work for a long time, anyone will be anxious impatient, not only that, the network marketing confidence will therefore greatly reduced. So Xiaobian specially for everyone to find a big guy off work can solve the pain points of the utility, it is by the cloud network marketing at Shanghai claw automation technology Limited R & D management and analysis system.

it is understood that the Shanghai Qibo Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading domestic high-end software product development business, its products have cloud computing platform and network marketing management system analysis of claw Bo Yang, cloud software.

1, Bo Yang software is the realization of the promotion of social public praise, including word of mouth, micro-blog promotion, micro-blog precision marketing, micro-blog popular interaction, quiz interactive, interactive forums, public opinion monitoring.

2, cloud computing platform aggregation massive computer, complete the Internet public opinion monitoring, distributed compilation, distributed 3D rendering, large-scale scientific computing, securities analysis and other computing tasks.

3, word of mouth marketing services combined with the news media, micro-blog marketing, Forum blog and other resource advantages, coupled with the advantages of independent software research and development, to provide customers with the overall solution of social word-of-mouth marketing.

cloud claw analysis of network marketing management system is a high-end smart software system dedicated to Internet information collection and data mining, through the cloud processing system of its powerful function, can effectively solve the problems in carrying out marketing keywords have to face in the process of network marketing for monitoring, news source monitoring, information competition competition monitor the status quo, and effective platform for effective news source "situation, competition situation monitoring problems, make the network marketing complex becomes simple, is a rare monitoring network marketing website.

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