Tourism Forum promotion method is invalid

for the time being, a large tourism forum, the popularity of Wang, especially strict management of the administrator, it is almost impossible to achieve the effect of soft Wen promotion. Any ad suspected posts will be deleted.

below for everyone to explore the current several models:

one, choose popular tourism forum (several)

1 I love discount

2 Sohu community

3 floor space


4 Xiamen small fish community

5 Tianya community

6 Chinese tour pal

7 Pengcheng community

8 Taobao community

9 card car network

10 travel one hundred thousand why

two, according to the type of the forum and the management mode of the different choice of posting mode

1 to travel Raiders as the main starting point, the latest Raiders Daquan, which attract tourists, to receive customer e-mail address. This method is not good: visitors e-mail addresses to share, not unique)

2 personal experience, take the form of a ask yourself, slowly to attract tourists to come in, and then in the post process of follow-up, leads to the propaganda site.

3 to the identity of the experts, all day long bubble in the forum, to take the form of tourism answer questions to answer questions, to achieve the desired results (similar to celebrity effect, to help visitors solve the problem).

three, the content of the pursuit of attraction, originality, authenticity

content if it is copied from other forums or websites, it is not necessary. Content is best illustrated, so visitors look to feel good. The general forum look stick is have no patience! Too long, no matter how attractive it is, very few people can read it! It must be long hair! How long hair? Long hair is not tell you to stick to shorten! But will a stick into post more, to keep abreast of the form! Like TV, several times! But remember not more than 7>

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