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The promotion of

B2B platform information has been one of the most important ways to promote enterprise products, many people are also studying the promotion of B2B information. Yes, B2B can increase the spread of information products within the scope of the exposure rate, can increase the customer, also released the B2B information in the registration at the same time, can also take on the web site, which is equivalent to the site of the chain, many SEO staff do not know where to site outside the chain, in fact, information is B2B one of the best ways.

better choice B2B platform

The five hundred

industry website, publicity good B2B platform, a high-profile show "Alibaba", according to legend and Baidu cooperation "HC" and the service is not very good, as the mainone " " B2B platform three giants, of course – " Global trade & quot; is to provide professional B2B platform services for businesses, for the promotion and publicity on the B2B platform, strong Alibaba, but it has not for the Alibaba and Baidu, Baidu " " information on Alibaba and you can see that, rarely, not, may say, HC and Alibaba would say on our platform customers. But we can imagine, for the heavy industry, what is to buy equipment, forty or fifty of the people, for they may know Baidu, but the Alibaba and from? For the machinery industry or for Baidu to do, to choose a good platform, is the first step in the promotion of B2B. As for the choice of B2B platform, I will choose to publish information can appear on Baidu B2B platform.

B2B information exposure and skill algorithm

choose B2B platform, because you want you publish on this platform information appears in Baidu, so first you publish content to let Baidu included, and then consider the ranking of your questions, so as to improve the exposure rate. This requires manufacturers information to master some of the most basic information skills, so as to put the " coal pulverizer; " these products let Baidu search engine, search engine in the collection of any piece of information, are not alone! But the first assessment of the quality and value of the information depends on the connection information released is consistent with this information. Otherwise the performance check. Crack down on false information (such as the sale of clothing or snacks). Maybe you search for a result, open the information does not exist or not. Search engine that you send the message is garbage. So we must choose a good title and content in the release process. There is a problem of information content, release information, and the information content of title, to innovative; be sure to send the description of the different information; information cannot exist repeatability, like SEO write not to repeat or original content. If you do the information included, and like the site every day to release regularly, to update, I believe your information will be better included, there will be a better

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