Localization community barbaric growth profit growth over 70%

you may not know, in most domestic cities, renren.com, Sina micro-blog and even QQ are not the most popular social networking: a little-known local community, in the depth of Mount users at the same time, the annual revenue growth rate of over 70% of the alarming rate of book written community legend. Of course, this is not a low base of digital games – one of the best, the annual revenue has broken million, net profit exceeded 30 million. Localization of the community, which has become the most complex form of the Internet, the network form, with what kind of structure and the status quo in the barbaric growth of the local community, what are the difficulties and challenges facing

?The localization of

community blowout: Crazy enclosure after


this year net profit of more than 30 million yuan, 19 floor, CEO Lin Yu said this figure when a calm face, but most people is hard to imagine a local community to be able to attract, and its fame is not large, because the outside world is poorly understood, host most of the activities will be in on the agenda to write" Hangzhou 19 Building ", to emphasize that this is a local community of Hangzhou.

public information, in 2009, 19 year net profit exceeded ten million. According to industry sources, its revenue last year has exceeded 100 million yuan mark, net profit of $30 million this year, which means that even if standing on the huge base of billions of dollars of revenue, the building is still more than 19 of the annual profit growth rate.

also entered a rapid growth period is around the "19 floor": Changzhou long lane general manager Qian Jue said, revenue last year of about 10 million, this year expected revenue of about 20000000; fourth Chengdu City Founder Sun Rui said, this year particularly rapid growth, annual income will reach tens of millions, industry has entered the blowout.

in sun Rui view, the recent local community ushered in blowout for several important reasons: one is the local advertisers began to recognize the value of Internet marketing, to divert attention from traditional media, advertising area network environment; two is the natural community and Consumer Association, easy to produce cash flow; three is the local community to absorb the past cannot use traditional media marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, the depth of excavation of the residual value of local advertising.

blowout can continue, depending on two dimensions: breadth and depth.

long lane number 1 million 100 thousand, ChangZhou Railway Station registration number 1 million, Chengdu spicy community registered fourth city registered number 800 thousand…… it is not difficult to find, if you stick to a single city in local communities, millions will become the user scale ceiling. The user base is too small restricts the development site, most localization community are deep play station at the same time, in order to expand to the surrounding city center station, take the "city surrounded by national route. An early start in the 19 floor, there are 27 substations; fourth city will expand the 7 station outside the station.

crazy "enclosure", a sub station is the important way to expand the breadth, you can quickly shot up the number of users.

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