COM first week in February by 150 thousand pornographic domain name XXX minus 232

IDC Review Network ( 02, reported: according to the Registrar Stats real-time data, as of February 7, 2014, the total number of global.COM domain name registration has increased to 112249950, the chain last week, more than 150 thousand new. Asia’s top domain name.ASIA and pornographic domain name.XXX is still deep in the low tide period, net minus 719, respectively, 232. The review of IDC network with everyone concerned in the world’s top ten domain name updates.

  (Figure 1) in the first week of February the world’s top ten domain name incremental distribution map

as shown in Figure 1, in the first week of February (January 29th -2 7) period, only half of the domain growth is good. Among them, the largest increase in.COM domain name, add 150308;.ORG domain name of the second, the new 19166;.NET domain name of third, add the new new.BIZ. The largest decline in the number of.INFO domain names, the central net minus 31098 last week.

  (Figure 2) the top ten domain growth data

Figure 2 shows the

data, as of February 7th, the domain name.COM a total of 112249950, the chain last week of 150308 new.NET domain name; a total of 15176877, a net increase of 10237;.ORG domain name, a total of 10394373, a net increase of 19166;.INFO domain name, a total of 5728502, a net decrease of 31098; a total of 2646919.BIZ domain name a ring, a net increase of 8179; total.US 2646919, a net increase of 5935.

above the latest data, as of February 7th, the top ten global domain name a total of 148786479, a net increase of 160909 over last week. Among them, the largest increment of.COM domain name, add 150308;.INFO domain loss up to 31098.