YOKA Zhou Jun Sike in the end vertical portal for the fashion industry the seven year itch

The vertical portal

a fashion industry, what have the "seven year itch"



editor’s note:

was founded in 2007 by Baidu fashion website YOKA collar vote at the end of 2013, fidelity Asia, Hearst group, Jingwei venture, IDG with a $15 million investment and financing.

YOKA founder Zhou Jun said, he Sike for 7 years. Zhou Jun in 1999 to enter the Internet industry venture, a few times to sell out, the most popular site in the vertical class YOKA.

7 years he faced many new temptations, but he refused, he gave his reason is: the most difficult time is the most close to success, only in the downhill when relaxed, uphill process must have been difficult. The financing of the winter of 2013, is a milestone milestone. His next step was to get YOKA to break through.

car home to learn to change a product logic

I venture more than ten years, every time is from scratch, there are a number of projects are finally sold. YOKA is the longest time I do, but also the more interesting, the more the more aware of A.

frankly, over the past few years, the entire fashion media industry has not outstanding companies emerge. This is related to the consumer market, the first two years, a number of high-end luxury goods in China for the first time sales decline, their marketing costs are declining. Women, fashion, the breakdown of the field can not convince the brand to put a large amount of marketing costs. Some are kind of traditional paper media declined sharply, but YOKA in such an environment and growth. I think the big industry is a short-term problem, will soon recover.

if YOKA is just the old way, as a vertical media, I believe that no one will be interested in re investment. Over the past few years, YOKA has been trying new products. For example, buy tide, YOKA is one of the first to get a license to buy the Ministry of Commerce, selling cosmetics, bags, jewelry, customer price 100 ~ 200 yuan, up to a month to have a revenue of $3 million. But at that time we found that it is more of a diversion of the above YOKA look at the information and bubble forum users, rather than attracting new users, the group turned off.

and then it’s hot. At that time, I insisted that the beautiful and mogujie.com’s user base is not as good as our high-end, but they are still a rapid development. Later, we also follow the example of Pinterest, including the use of a variety of clothing matching software.


YOKA team had closed reflection over a period of time. This industry is melee, the emergence of numerous companies, YOKA is very keen to do a lot of new products, but I think there is no one to achieve the ultimate.

recently we got a shot in the arm, from.