APP a key package to rise up the new position of marketing


With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones, APP has become more and more closely linked with people’s life.

. As the largest mobile Internet "entrance", APP is a foundry enterprise mobile marketing platform a hotly contested spot.

, however, the development of a APP application is not only high cost, long cycle, high technical requirements, and maintenance process is time-consuming and power. General enterprises simply can not cope with!

in the face of the mobile Internet era of marketing needs, companies how to break the bottleneck of APP development


piglets CMS technology team has made new progress in research and development, the introduction of a APP key packaging applications for the enterprise’s mobile marketing needs to provide a perfect solution.

pig CMS launched a APP key packaged integration of the pig CMS WeChat marketing system background all the features. The application can be based on business needs, a key package to generate enterprise proprietary APP for consumers to download. It is worth mentioning that the pig CMS launched a APP key to support the current popularity of the two most popular mobile phone systems: Android and IOS. A wide range of user coverage and smooth user experience, will effectively bring fans growth and enhance the activity of fans.

at the same time, APP a key packaging applications not only save a lot of cost for the enterprise, but also for enterprises to enhance the brand image, to attract potential customers to bring great benefits.

pig CMS launched a APP key packaged application mode is simple, convenient data management. Low input, high return, for precision customers. So powerful, let your marketing better, you deserve to have a


consumer Internet attention whenever and wherever possible, every hour and moment enterprise dynamic you! The enterprise can also the latest notice as you push, the first time to send product information to customers and develop market opportunities!

, urgent!

pig APP a key packaging applications, from the user’s most recent application, so that your business move up (author: Pig CMS micro signal: pigcms)

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