Anhui station electronic version of the first issue of the magazine is welcome to join the first sho

08 Anhui Internet will be held on Sunday this year, in order to celebrate the Anhui event of the internet. Our Anhui Internet Alliance in Anhui station under the planned time and again "Anhui station" electronic version of the first issue of the magazine after intense rush was finally released, because this time the first phase of the electronic version simply try, hope that the majority of the owners to provide more valuable opinions.

our slogan: we only pay attention to the Internet in Anhui, Anhui webmaster own magazine


column: Union News, lectures, interviews, webmaster webmaster webmaster webmaster, original, cool recommandons AC

our tenet: Anhui Internet Alliance as a webmaster organization of public welfare has always been to promote the Anhui Internet development mission, including learning, training, communication and other free services for everyone, let Anhui stationmaster faster and better development, together with the construction of Anhui Internet.

related organizations

journal organizer: Anhui Internet Alliance

: Chinese online journal co Huai city network

journal publishing: Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Co., Ltd.

journal director system: Ruan Shao Wu

editor: Guan Peng

planning: Cao Zihui Xu such as

special webmaster Consultant: Wang Hai Yang Shujun any coastal Xu Bin Zhou Bridge Chang Hai

Associated Media: China stand, Adsense nets, the laggards, Chinese webmaster, China station, station, I China net, web net, and the development of fast allusion net iResearch, portal, whip Niu Shi

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