22 year old college students were arrested for pornographic web site navigation

is a poor peasant out of college students, IT embarked on a road of entrepreneurship in the "ivory tower", but in the work process, but because the off track driven interests, went through pornographic information network transmission path within the established navigation website, click on the link rate of porn million actually up to more than 1800.

recently, the Bengbu Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring detachment to the exclusive disclosure of the case.

tracing 3gp mobile WAP website

from August to October last year, the Ministry of public security, the Central Propaganda Department and other 9 departments launched a nationwide regulation to combat Internet pornography special action to crack down on Internet pornography crimes, eliminate pornographic websites interests chain.

in November 19th last year, Bengbu city police received the Provincial Public Security Bureau informed forwarding, according to a report for clues, there is a called "3gp" mobile phone WAP site in Bengbu City, which is specifically for the mobile phone Internet provides Internet access service user sites, suspected of spreading pornographic information.

Bengbu City Public Security Bureau supervisor detachment received a clue, the police immediately launched a secret investigation, found that "3gp" is a "mobile phone WAP site navigation station", rather than the site itself is the existence of a large number of pornographic information resource station".


survey also found that "3gp" mobile phone WAP site as the navigation station, providing access to the network link service for mobile phone users, more than 58 links set up a website, there are a large number of pornographic websites. After combing the police, there are more than 1 thousand and 800 pornographic websites linked to the click through rate of over 10000, including many foreign pornographic websites.

case detection work at this point, the police have mastered and fixed a lot of "3gp WAP" mobile phone website dissemination of pornographic information evidence, the next thing to do, is to "3gp" mobile phone WAP website "the initiator of evil" pulled out from behind the scenes, but the results are to be startled at police.


God’s favored one of pornographic websites

police in the "3gp" mobile phone WAP site developers traced, found that the man named Xiao Tian, in Guangzhou. Surprisingly, the small day is a well-known university students in Guangzhou, 22 years old, about to graduate. Last December 7th, Bengbu city supervisor detachment assistance of the police in Guangzhou, in the campus of the university students suspected of spreading pornographic information, arrested.

according to the police, the small day is Guangdong Province, was born in a peasant family, the parents of the soil in the provision of food on the University, very difficult. Because the family was poor, small day began work from entering the university. 2007, a small day to find a mobile phone WAP site can make money, and then participate in it, is to embark on the road to IT entrepreneurship.

just started to do a mobile phone WAP site, a small day for mobile Internet access >

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