360 push search bad search domain buhaosou com jump Baidu

renamed China (eName.cn) January 7th news, yesterday, 360 search officially launched a new independent brand "search", claiming that "a good search, do not do bad things!" today, there are friends accidentally found "not found" domain name buhaosou.com should jump to Baidu. Do not look at the big things of the netizens are naughty.

figure: 360 good search

360 launched a good search, said to be confident China search first brand, implication is not to Baidu search engine squeeze under the largest position? And in 360 released "good search, don’t be evil" propaganda paper, a lot of content is that false advertising to Baidu. This makes the two potential such as competition and upgrade again. Net friend onlookers.

currently access the domain name buhaosou.com does jump to the Baidu official website, however, because the domain name holder can easily jump to the domain name on any website, so now the domain name has been the jump never too big to watch "netizens" playing ".

previously, Alibaba launched exchanges, enabled domain name laiwang.com, not from the domain name bulaiwang.com jump to the WeChat weixin.qq.com. "Tea bitch" and "Zhang Zetian" naichabiao.com zhangzetian.com two domain names have been friends at the Jingdong, much raise a Babel of criticism of.

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