‘m crazy for exchange links

today my novels stand in hardships, finally born, sweat first! But wait for ten days did not move, so I temper, finally broke out! These days I have been studying novel webmaster exchange group, found that this group of stationmaster eye is too high, no one is willing to give has not been included in Baidu station links, even between is not included in the station, little significance. Watching them get disheartened look, so I decided not to waste his voice, the direct transfer of the target group.

500 webmaster group inside too cow, ignore. The Admin5 rapid response team group, ha ha, is one of their own, so I decided to walk around the family line, there are people ah, 36 people, an average of 2 stations over 36*2 links, hey, tonight dream will laugh! Who knows to shout for a long time, I did not care, I will draw a circle in the corner of your squat. Never mind, I am not discouraged, the day after tomorrow will go to tourism, will catch them!

forget, here do not wait for God, have to wait for god. I have a blog, a sea of light inside a hundred people, a station, is my death. So I decided to go home. First of all, published a mini blog, message, "Khan first! Comrades, hey, feel shy to ask, and who my novel station Links ah, 1W, I don’t think Doha 2w! 100, we do not matter 200 ha! I will not write the acquisition rules, there are experts ah? My station is not included! A lot of sweat!"

and friends in all shared beauty photos on my page, it’s always a good idea, really get a pack of wolves. Look at the fire to continue to engage in a vote, as follows, "there is no station station to lift his left hand, his right hand, more than two legs in the air! Willing to be friendly to the novel of the water exchange links, not to mention!" Sure enough, came a few links, hey hey.

external solution, the solution to the internal. Went to the old slot 704 figure king N, signed the unequal treaties, as in the map of the hand of the king of ten link exchange. Then pointing to my dear colleagues, love, beauty star heart, Jack many dumpster, iron kite underwear nets, fish net decoration, fan PDA, hadronic novel nets, but never mind, can be described as dragons and fishes jumbled together, I don’t mind, my grand goal is — let Baidu included so what he – Khan, tube station, The more, the better!

did so much, you have to ask me what is not, ah, did not see me in the Admin5 on the soft Wen? Haha – www.htzww.com and Chinese network, not included, no traffic, begging for link exchange ah!

At the end of each

to write text you at the end, to sum up our experience to stay, so my experience is summed up as follows, honeytrap + + = a link up lost to all sense of shame! Complete!

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