Wuhan people want to donate the domain name

a total of four, had previously refused to buy


newspaper news (reporter Xu Lanchao Intern Liang Rui) after two years of waiting, waiting up several times in Zhejiang, Wuhan Kang Jiali has registered to four and the revolution of 1911 related domain name. Yesterday, he contacted the newspaper would like to get a little bit of these efforts to get all the domain name donated, I hope to provide a platform for more people to the essence of the revolution."

it is understood that Kang Jiali is Wuhan City Jiang’an District, now is a manager of a large e-commerce enterprises in Zhejiang. "I register these domain names is a kind of protective registration, from 2007 I began to pay attention to them, and finally in 2009 were in about three a.m. in the evening, registered (the previous holder did not renew expired) to them, are wuchangqiyi.com (Wuchang uprising), xinhaigeming.com (revolution) and wuchangshouyi.com (Wuchang’s first wuchangshouyi.cn (righteousness), Wuchang uprising)." Kang Jiali says with a hint of pride.

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, these four domain names registered a total of more than 600 yuan. After registration, respectively, from Nanjing, Guangdong, Hebei people put forward to Jiali Kang purchase intention. "Xinhaigeming.com (revolution) has offered 10000 yuan, but I wouldn’t sell!" Kang Jiali said firmly: "I know that the four domain name to promote the importance of the 1911 Revolution, the unique culture and registered them, is to prepare suitable to the unit at the right time."

Jiali Kang said: "now is the time, next year is the 100 anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, and Wuhan is the first of the righteous. If you can use the domain name as Wuhan city and the 1911 revolution memorial web site, will bring a very positive impact on the operation of the entire site, but also for the revolution of national celebration of the main venue with a weight for Wuhan."

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