Domain name those named after the site of the fire

business opportunities everywhere, only due to mining and investment vision! Also contains nature of a domain name business, flying in the sky, walk on the ground, swimming in the sea, the nature of the animal is very strong in domain adaptation, trading, website, all play fast, the animal in nature as the site name the domain name, you know several


1 CN, hard-working bee Larry domain



bee is the nature of the most busy small animals, has been given the image of hard-working, the bee Pinyin domain name has been registered. Bee domain are the property of others, among them, the 1998 CN domain name registered domestic bee group official website domain name, in addition, another animal bee wasp, related domain names are registered for the user, frozen, the most respected queen bee, the phonetic domain are registered.

2, Jiayuan bought Larry sparrow and magpie


Jiayuan marriage – "

portal network enabled" magpie magpie "Larry domain, the domain name is earlier Jiayuan low-key acquisition, the Qixi Festival cowherd meet, magpie bridge, domain with festive names registered in 1997, Jiayuan holding CN domain name, another CN domain station use the. It seems that the birds are very optimistic about the domain name Jiayuan, "sparrow" Larry domain was also bought the domain name, this has not been enabled.

3, butterfly domain name female shopping network


butterfly with its elegant posture and beautiful appearance, won the love of the people, "Butterfly" two words with great commercial appeal, butterfly Larry domain has been building operations, to focus on women’s fashion shopping platform topic community, representing a beautiful butterfly love for beautiful women, according to the CN domain name system! station, platform butterfly loving circle

4, superficial: Qianxiang dragonfly


quick, in a hurry, but also some people like Dragonfly Pinyin domain name, the domain name in early 2003.

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