Share of the economy to win the 1 billion investment behind

recently fired the hottest news is probably Apple invested $1 billion drops of travel, which became a rare addition to venture capital, a rare move between Chinese and American technology companies.

today, accompanied by President Liu Qing Cook in pieces, take a car to drop the first destination, an apple store is located in Beijing Wangfujing shopping district, and the founder of today’s headlines, Zhang Yiming beauty group comments co-founder Mu Rongjun et al on the current development of mobile Internet to start talks.

Cook said: drip highlights the innovative spirit of China’s iOS developer community. Bit by bit to create a travel platform and its excellent management team is amazing, we look forward to supporting the long-term development of drops."

drops travel founder and CEO Cheng Wei, said: Apple recognition of the establishment of four years of drops inspired, but also an incentive. We will continue to work with drivers and passengers, with global partners, so that everyone has a more flexible and reliable multiple travel options to help our city to solve traffic, environmental protection and employment challenges."

this is by far the largest single investment to date, but also Apple’s first investment in China Internet Corporation.

but has always been interested in China’s Internet companies why Apple suddenly choose to invest it?

long line fishing big fish

1 asset appreciation.

last year, drops quickly completed a number of business layout, from the taxi, train, car, ride to the bus, driving on behalf of. Data show that the current drops cover about 14000000 of the owners and drivers, has more than 87% of the net China about car market share, more than 99% of the net about the taxi market share, on the completion of orders exceeded 11 million.

Apple choose to invest in a high rate of rise of the drops, get considerable return on investment is no doubt.

2 for tax avoidance?

currently, apple holds more than $210 billion in cash reserves, more than the sum of Google and Microsoft’s big two. According to the U.S. government’s tax policy, the enterprise back to the United States overseas funds, the need to pay 35% of the tax rate. According to Apple’s chief financial officer Maestre January data, apple more than $200 billion in cash reserves, there are still 93% abroad.

If the

back into the domestic, Apple’s cash reserves will face considerable sacrifice. And through the investment, for overseas funds to find a better tax avoidance export has become a reasonable explanation.

3 to pave the way for the automotive industry

recently, there have been comments that Apple wants to enter the automotive industry, although apple did not publicly clarify this speculation, but there is evidence that Apple has begun to love electric cars and autopilot Technology >

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