March global Web server market Microsoft share rose to 18%

China IDC Review Network 03, 2009 reported: according to Netcraft data show that in March 2013, Netcraft received a total of 631521198 survey sites. Among them, the use of Apache Web server site has 341021574, accounting for 54% of the world market, last month dropped 0.68%. Share decline as well as Google, down 0.02% this month. While Microsoft and Nginx, the eye-catching performance, rose 1.42%, respectively, 0.68%. Below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about the detailed statistical statements:


(Figure 1) August 1995 -2013 statistics for all sites in

as shown in Figure 1, in March, Netcraft received the survey site has 630795511631521198, an increase of nearly 0.12%.


(Figure 2) August 1995 -2013 global web server market share in


(Figure 3) global mainstream Web server share

is shown in Figure 2, shown in Figure 3, in the mainstream of the global Web server market share, Aapache share of 54%, a decline of 0.68%; Microsoft 18.01%, rose 1.42%%; Nginx was 13.52%, up 0.68%, Google was 3.58%, down 0.02%.

below, we will analyze the Netcraft statistics to the active site used by the Web server.


(Figure 4) June 2000 -2013

active web site in the web server market share in


(Figure 5) global mainstream Web server share

Figure 4, figure 5 shows that the world is still more than half of the active site using Apache Web server, the market share of up to $54.98% last month rose by 0.06%. Microsoft rose to second, the share rose to 12.38%, Nginx fell to $third, a small market share rose to $11.98%. Google, like last month, is still 8.1%.

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