The bright younger generation how to win the battle of network marketing

network marketing and website construction in the field, there is a serious mataixiaoying: current good momentum of development of large sites will continue to profit, the snowball snowball; while the small site is not a green hand, give the market opportunities for their development are more and more limited. For new customers, a well-known industry with the scale of the site, but also more attractive than the new site.

according to the latest statistics of July 2007 China Internet Information Center shows that the number of Internet users has reached 162 million Chinese, Chinese of small and medium-sized enterprises have more than 4000 million, can carry out network marketing activities only 100 or so, and 70% of small business owners think that network marketing for their business promotion is very important or important. Thus, many small and medium enterprises have been aware of the potential of the huge resources in the network, but how to do network marketing is still an important issue plaguing them.

professionals are expected in the next period of time, there will be a considerable number of small and medium enterprises into the network marketing army. These "the bright younger generation" web site is not the accumulation of resources, how to play their "network marketing" battle? How can the new site get the resources as soon as possible so as not to be eliminated in the fierce competition?

after the long-term observation, the following points can be executor and provide the reference for the new network marketing:

lack of resource advantage of network marketers, first consideration should be: through the website of precise positioning and a clear goal, starting from the starting point of the smallest, the concentration of superior forces for promotion and marketing network. The key to the network marketing positioning is the positioning of the search engine positioning and keyword selection. So, the network marketing should be how to choose the largest return on investment keywords?

first, we must consider the meaning of the most clear, the smallest category of keywords. Once there was a guitar training enterprises to choose the instrument as a key word, it can be imagined, musical instrument as the key words will be higher than the price of the guitar a lot, on the surface it will bring greater traffic. But in fact, this position is too vague, it may bring many target information as the "Piano" or other instrument users, they are not interested in the guitar website, this is also reduced the rate of return on investment, business investment funds, but not to return.

secondly, the network marketers from the user’s point of view, through the investigation and analysis to determine: in the industry, which keywords are easy to be used by users. Only select the most accurate keywords, the limited resources to focus on the use of these keywords, in order to make the new site smoothly out of the first step.

because of the relatively low cost of domain names, so long time, domain name selection technology

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