Daily topic balance treasure triggered a war of words accused of saliva vampire

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) February 24th news last weekend, a balance treasure is a vampire should be banned, the news once again aroused people’s attention to the balance of treasure. CCTV securities information channel executive editor and chief news commentator Niu Wenxin Bowen said, the balance of treasure is lying on the Bank of the vampire, a typical financial parasites".

"vampire", "financial parasites" very sharp two words. In this regard, Ali small and micro financial services group chief strategy officer Shu Ming also publicly refuted. Shu Ming said that small and micro payment service launched the balance of treasure intention is to give everyone on the Alipay money to provide a legitimate and stable income, and will not affect the market interest rates, mortgage interest rates, it will not pull the high financing costs of the whole society, allowing users to get loans, and can not pay, this but some of the balance of treasure a naturally or half unconsciously "misunderstanding".

a time debate about the balance of treasure and the text of the new button in the industry is very warm. On the balance of treasure that virtually raise the social cost of financing, because the savings banks increased costs, these costs will be passed on to the head of SMEs to increase the cost of capital industry pressure; in addition, the balance of treasure through large-scale purchases of money market funds, retained a large profit for themselves, and then the rest of the feedback to investors. Stand in the financial perspective, the above two points should is not sufficient, and made a mistake have the order reversed.


is connected to the balance of treasure Celestica increasedliberty monetary market fund. As of 1 at the end of 2014, the total size of the fund Chinese money market was 953 billion 200 million yuan, compared with 47 trillion and 900 billion of residents deposits, 103 trillion and 400 billion of all the total Renminbi deposits is still very small, and the deposits of residents is 2%, and the entire balance of RMB deposits accounted for 0.9%, less than 1%. Ali small and micro financial services group chief strategy officer Shu Ming in the back of the button text of the new speech pointed out, even with a total size of about 10 trillion yuan of financial products, money market funds are not to the total size of 1/10. It is hard to imagine that the money market fund will have a huge impact on the overall market interest rates, will seriously interfere with the interest rate market".

, a fund industry have pointed out, the button text of the new view has loopholes, but Alipay official reply is not wise. The balance of treasure caused so much controversy, mainly to the end of the bank money shortage of the special period. At the end of each year the bank has a deposit index assessment, the bank will urge the user to return the money to the bank, urging users to repay credit card, will also take measures to depositors".

Internet Financial Analyst Chen Kai believes that Internet banking is now a channel to build those + limited product involvement, its advantages are not insurmountable, in turn, some of the traditional financial Internet financial threshold is insurmountable. Standing on the position of the majority of the people, to support online banking, money in the bank is to take the money to subsidize the poor rich, and the Internet >

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