DC license is expected to re release the risk of increasing the bubble or step SP


from the Qing Branch of the data show that only in the first quarter of 2011, the amount of investment in China’s Internet is close to $700 million, almost 2010 of the total sum of the Internet investment. Looking ahead, the subway can be seen everywhere in the huge advertising group purchase website, prime time television is full of stars for the Internet full of pictures. Even the oldest old people know Weibo, building blocks and SNS, video website, classification information portal and web games, the Internet boom, even in the field of real estate circulation of "hot money" is gradually turning to the internet. Although the industry believes that there is a bubble behind the risk of prosperity, but to micro-blog, buy as the representative of the emerging Internet products also greatly affect the way of life of China’s more than 400 million Internet users.

IDC license is expected to re issued

hot money to accelerate the prosperity and development of China’s Internet, and the development of the Internet has increased the demand for Internet based application services. With 2 years of IDC (Internet Data Center) license has been issued is expected to re release the news, insiders predict that the IDC industry will usher in a new round of explosive growth and another spring".

looks back on the development of the Internet industry in the past ten years, every time has injected a taste tonic for the IDC industry". After 1997, with the rise of sina, the NetEase China first portal, IDC private enterprises to Chinese million net as the representative of the first batch of domain name registration, virtual host and other business to grow. In 2005, with the Internet economy pick up, especially WEB2.0, electronic commerce, network video games, due to a new round of the Internet boom, so that the IDC business broke out again, by hosting and server hosting business oriented data center to emerge.

data show that as of 2009, the number of Chinese enterprise application of IDC services for more than 51.9, is expected to reach 540 thousand by 2012; the national enterprises building IDC room 375, room more than 2 thousand and 700, room more than 24 thousand of the local area, and with the enterprise demand for the Internet based application service in this number will continue to increase.

rigid demand for IDC enterprises to create new opportunities for development, but also brought new challenges. It is not difficult to see from the above data, the total number of IDC basic service units, but most still remain in the small data centers and micro computer room, does not meet the characteristics of the rapid development of emerging Internet companies.

to buy site, for example, a local based group buying site may need to expand rapidly in the short term to the national development. Or, if the site launched a special offer hot group purchase products, traffic is likely to increase in a certain period of time, all these require IDC must have the ability of rapid expansion and integration of resources, make the data center more flexibility and flexibility, at the same time >

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