ndustry Network Alliance e commerce Third Road

so far, the traditional companies involved in the network marketing there are about three models, one is self built website, one is a member, one is the industry network model.

if the website will inevitably become information islands, membership model is a step forward, can make use of third party platform for online transactions, and industry pattern further, enterprises can not only realize the online transactions, also can create the industry of electronic commerce.

Internet expert Lv Benfu believes that compared to Alibaba as the representative of the mode of information market, the industry network alliance is indeed a step further.

subdivision, subdivision


B2B e-commerce in Chinese began in the last century at the end of 90s, but until 2007, with the Alibaba listed, B2B e-commerce began to flourish. It is also during this period, a number of industry network alliance platform including Chinese industry network alliance, Hi2000, began to rise rapidly.

in Chinese network chairman and CEO Wang Haibo, the industry net value of the first is to provide a network marketing platform for the enterprise, including all kinds of marketing tools available, the enterprise can also expand the network of merchants on the platform, and the integration of upstream and downstream resources, dealing with the upstream and downstream enterprises. To this end, the industry must be fully subdivided, such as lingerie underwear, shirts on the shirt, tie a tie will do, if to greedy big foreign clothing network, it may be counterproductive.

Shandong, Weifang, just graduated from college students to create a radish Song Xiaoling network is an example. Weifang radish is very good, far and near. Initially, Song Xiaoling had wanted to do a vegetable network, specifically for the promotion of Weifang radish. But after China Network Library to persuade, and finally she chose to do a more detailed radish network, the results achieved great success, shop opened less than 2 months, they sold a box of radish.

Another example is the

subdivision and the success of the China agricultural trading network, which so far from the station, Heilongjiang has become the second largest agricultural trading market, and a sub station in the city of Daqing, Mudanjiang and other places, the member ownership is also very much, most of the leading enterprises in Qigihar City to join the network industry to be arranged, thereby the formation of polymerization effect.

"small and medium sized enterprises in addition to previous Baidu search ranking outside, mostly there is no better marketing tool, but the search engine is only if you continue to invest, will have the effect, once without additional investment, no one will pay attention to you, but the industry network is not so, which is why I am optimistic about the industry network model." Yang Bin, general manager of China Farmers Trading network.


network industry is actually more like a big store, if you do the clothing business, in the store, you can build a clothing city, the best shops and advertising for themselves, and then sell other shops to other clothing enterprises, or through the platform.

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