Microsoft 9 years after buying the halo 4 domain name halo4 com

June 16th news: it is reported that Microsoft recently acquired Halo 4 related domain name, the current transaction amount is not clear.

it is understood that Microsoft showed a "Halo 4" trailer at the E3 conference, and the space game series "Halo 4" will be the holidays in 2012 announced a new version of "Halo 4", the relevant domain name also caused a lot of attention. At the beginning of the June whois query domain information, domain name for Microsoft does not hold, just past a week, the domain name has been shown to change the name of Microsoft. in November 2002 has been registered, the server has been resolved to Microsoft Corp, the holder of the Microsoft Corporation, and display Microsoft administrator mailbox and telephone. At present, the latest date of whois change shows June 15th, you can see that has been acquired by Microsoft Corp in June 15th.

had tried to sell the domain name in the SEDO platform, asking price of $10 thousand, but then Microsoft and make any action, perhaps because the price can not be accepted, and perhaps did not cause the attention of Microsoft. But now that Microsoft was shot depending on is a little too late, not to disclose the specific amount of the transaction, the end is less than $10 thousand is far more than we can make nothing of it.

of course, it is certain that Microsoft for Halo 4 did not do a good job in the domain name protection measures, if you pay attention to the protection of the domain name should be introduced before the launch of the product or the acquisition of related domain names.

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