The hacker history Ten contributions of white hat hackers

Bloomberg today with a group of pictures reviewed the white hat hacker feat. White hat hackers to find security vulnerabilities in computer system or network system, but not malicious to use, but it is released, so that the system can be used by others in the hole before the repair.

In 2010

Black Hat security conference, the famous white hat hacker Barnaby Jack demonstrates how to use a laptop computer remotely manipulate it automatically spit ATM money. After that, Jack and ATM manufacturers cooperate to secure the software upgrade.

Michael Lynn on the 2005 Black Hat security conference demonstrates the vulnerability of CISCO devices. Prior to this demonstration, CISCO had to allow staff to destroy the 2000 Lynn will contain the contents of the CD, trying to stop him, but he was a demonstration and become a hero in the hacker. Later, CISCO apologized on the matter and became the main sponsor of the Black Hat conference.

2011, John Strauchs, Tiffany Rad and Teague Newman found loopholes in a prison computer system, hackers can remotely switch the door of the facility, bypassing the monitoring, but also tamper with video monitoring and recording.

2008, security researcher Dan Kaminsky found that there are loopholes in the domain name analysis system DNS, the Internet has been affected. He and Microsoft, CISCO and other technology companies to fix this vulnerability.

2011, diabetes Jay Radcliffe found that insulin pump can be manipulated by hackers, for the risk of fatal behavior. His research prompted Congress to carry out an inspection of the safety of networked medical facilities, the Government Accountability Office urged the FDA to pay attention to the safety of medical equipment.

2007, security researchers made a video for the U.S. Department of homeland security, demonstrates hackers can exploit vulnerabilities, attacks on the grid, prompting government attaches great importance to national infrastructure security.

retired naval security expert Christopher Tarnovsky in 2010 demonstrated how to break the security protection technology widely used in the trusted platform module (Trusted Platform Module) chip. At that time, this demonstration was too complicated and failed to attract the attention of the industry, but prism door exposure for us sounded the alarm.

2008, 3 MIT students are prepared to demonstrate at the DefCon Conference on how to change the traffic card used in Boston Metro

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