The 3 billion do not sell the social network to be listed it intends to make money

do media, do full screen advertising…… Even want to hatch entertainer

CEO Evan Spiegel has been found despite the technology bubble bursting, burn after reading SnapChat or social applications to market. "It’s all about what we’re going to do," he said in an interview with Re/code."

Snapchat began to plan how to make money. In the 90 years before going to IPO, born CEO Spiegel on these about Evan. All we know is that in 2013 he rejected Facebook’s $3 billion acquisition. Later, Google bid 4 billion, he did not promise.

traditional media to do content

and Snapchat round of financing until January of this year, from the new plate "(Discover)" make some advertising. This is part of the Evan Spiegel business plan, he wants to do the media platform. Facebook and Google are through the analysis of user behavior, recommend popular and interesting information to users. And Spiegel felt that compared with popular culture, young people need some meaningful information, and traditional media have a more obvious advantage in this regard.


Snapchat signed 11 media, including CNN, people magazine, ESPN, etc.. Spiegel wants Snapchat to have high quality content resources, and the media has been trying to attract more readers through good stories. The first time this year, the data show that Snapchat monthly active users reached 100 million. User age concentrated between 13 and 24 years of age. This is usually difficult to cover the traditional media crowd. At the same time, Snapchat’s pursuit of high quality content, but also to train users to spend more time reading habits in social media.

Cosmopolitan Joanna editor Coles says more than 2 million people a day visit her Snapchat channel. Such a great flow. Surprisingly, they read each story. Normal may be able to help Snapchat media diversion, to provide users with more texture information. But really want the reader to read long articles on social media or some difficulty.

do not do information flow advertising, full screen video advertising as a product to do

real advertising interspersed in "story". Evan Spiegel is extremely disgusted with information flow advertising. He is accepting Bloomberg

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