1998 to 2007 remembrance nternet experience

Specifically, for the first time that the network is in a certain day in 1999.

2000 with the popularization of the computer, our county has a cafe.

have nothing, no time to find time, truancy, night to run Internet cafes brush drop.

6 bit (now lost, sorry).

is the beginning of a computer, interested in the network, in fact, did not know the website as it is, not to mention the site.

then should not open the high school, the school computer class, I found a familiar cafe owner to borrow the first book on computer books.

is the so-called, the book also borrow can’t read, I said that the night watch, still seem to be utterly ignorant of.

and then a can not be closed.

play out.

play to a mediocre university.

play away time of youth.

Of course, the so-called

in pointing predecessors, finally understand: what is a hacker?

before he really is too ignorant.

"The day

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