National Commission this year electricity supplier 3C product sampling pass rate of 95% November 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Tan Moxiao, Dong Jun) the CNCA announced 10 CCC business platform product sampling results of the year 2015, the sampling of 40 batches of products, 38 batches of qualified products, a pass rate of 95%.

in August this year, CNCA organized the Jingdong, mall, Amazon Chinese, Gome online 4 electronic business platform selling hair dryer, electric fan, electric water heaters and other 3 kinds of 40 batches of CCC products to carry out spot checks. The sample from the mysterious buyers library randomly select mysterious buyers from the electronic business platform in the online self shops random samples.

checks showed that 2 batches of substandard products, respectively, electric kettle Foshan Haixun Electric Appliance Co. Ltd production and the Nordic home appliance (Tianjin) Limited production of fan, respectively, failed due to the output power deviation, the sign does not meet the standard requirements.

for substandard products, the Commission has asked the electricity supplier platform to take appropriate measures to deal with. Currently, the relevant electronic business platform has all the shelves of substandard products, certification bodies have been disqualified products involved in the revocation of the certificate.

CCC certification is to protect our products and public security, protect the environment, safeguard the interests of consumers and the establishment of mandatory certification system, at present, the implementation of CCC certification of the product catalog includes 20 categories of 158 kinds of products, mainly is the relationship between human health and safety of consumer products.

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