Yu Pengwu vice president of Alibaba this year eleven international brands settled Ali

two months later, cut the hand of the party who look forward to the double eleven and double eleven hits, this year, the Alibaba has what action? In September 17th, in the High Tech Expo International Forum on the development of electronic information, Alibaba vice president Yu Pengwu told WCC reporter, in addition to several one billion "red rain", "the international fan" will become the biggest highlight of this year eleven, "on the same day, people in many countries are likely to appear in the embassy Ali Park, famous foreign brands will participate in" overseas purchase "in Alibaba."

double last year’s eleven Alibaba, single day total turnover of up to 57 billion 100 million, but did not appear before the "explosion" problem, why? Yu Pengwu said, when eleven of a few years ago, due to logistics problems, the Alibaba and the team is very tired, the whole business is facing a "paralysis". Last year, we first through a ‘red rain’, through the distribution of a large number of red envelopes to Taobao users, through the red collection of the situation, the first pre judgment of goods and logistics trends. At the same time, combined with the previous eleven sales logistics data, carried out in advance deployment, the fastest 15 minutes to send a single home, to avoid the logistics problems."

Yu Pengwu revealed that this year’s double eleven, international fan children will become a big bright spot. "This year eleven, we will be the main international famous brand products, will organize a delegation to attend the" overseas purchase ", not just a ten day, the internationalization of products, will continue in the Alibaba, and this is our direction in recent years. Currently, Tmall has a lot of well-known international brands to open the network flagship store."

from the west, Sichuan is our top priority." He said that in East China’s Alibaba, before the focus of the business in the North Canton City, and now the west is their new focus. Ali has a key project, called the village Amoy, Sichuan is one of the key areas. On the one hand, we will sink into the rural market supply chain, will cover the electronic commerce network to rural areas, so that the villagers can achieve convenient online shopping; on the other hand, we will find some potential market towns, such as ecological organic agricultural products, let them become businessmen; at the same time, it can also provide a variety of positions in part, to solve the employment problem."

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