Tmall 11 mobile phone special almost equal to millet special other brands to accompany Prince readi


statement in the circle of friends in the Wei Jiang Lei, vice president of Lenovo Taobao play, became millet mall. And questioned Taobao as an electronic business platform, should not reflect on the phone’s dual 11 strategy


starts with an episode. Yesterday, 11 evening, a friend, the state power editor Jia Penglei fooled a circle of friends guess Tmall final sales figures double 11 guess, I guess 60 billion 600 million, a number of very smooth, I saw a friend guess 60 billion 800 million. This shows that the subconscious, we all believe that the 60 billion should be the ideal number Ali, but at the same time there must be difficult to achieve.

sure enough, when 57 billion 100 million figures released, Ma seems not so excited. The first working day after the morning and double 11, the circle of friends in a surprise 57 billion 100 million and talk with eloquence to see such a flatter in Millet data, it is worth pondering.

note: pictures from Lenovo vice president Wei Jianglei circle of friends to share

stood out, if it became the "show"


circle of friends is really a magical place, Wei Jianglei, vice president of Lenovo from the data sharing, to see such a double 11 categories, the proportion of smart phones accounted for.

Although the

early in the morning, have seen a lot of millet battlefield, actual sales of 1 million 160 thousand mobile phone, millet + Red Rice with Tmall mobile phone sales in the first class, suction gold 1 billion 560 million, accounting for the total amount of Tmall trading day 3%. Gorgeous transcripts must praise, or the dark horse of the year last year, millet, to the white horse debut, performance is still amazing, behind this campaign and stocking, the most lethal low none shows millet will get first determination, and the results are in good agreement with millet in the big winner Tmall double 11 the.

a lot of friends in the analysis of millet, despicably low red rice, 599 yuan God price, there are one thousand enemy since the loss of eight hundred of the red sea strategy, are very reasonable, but I think millet from the platform perspective alone.

According to the

picture shows the share of view, millet is fully deserve a thriving in a single category, only about 1/10 of HUAWEI ranked second to achieve sales of millet, other brands can even ignore. It can be said that Tmall’s mobile phone is almost equal to 11 double millet special, other brands become the role of reading with the prince.

also a copy of the data from the official announcement of the HUAWEI dual 11 whole network news data show: up to 1 billion 60 million in the five major business platform sales, including Jingdong,,, Amazon, shop No. 1 mobile phone category ranked first. Only in the Tmall platform, behind millet, ranked second.

from the point of view of the size of the sale, 1 billion 60 million of HUAWEI’s millet, if you get rid of millet in Tmall TV, platform, bracelet, routing and other ancillary products sales, in fact, is not large difference >

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