How to correct the hype

enterprise is now slowly began to accept the concept of "speculation", China speculation is the first application in person, but now companies are speculation close, every enterprise that want to borrow hype fried red own brand to increase sales, but the easy answer is negative?. Not the ultimate success or notoriety to speculation in the end of the Yang Fan flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum see more, because enterprises blindly pursue speculation, that enterprises of speculation will expand the brand to increase sales, which is a lot of companies "died in the" two words for the main speculation.

so how to correct for enterprise hype? Don’t worry, listen to me slowly!

if the company is determined to hype, then before the hype to consider three points:

a, must be conducive to brand building and development

1 first of all we have to know the brand is now in the life cycle, adolescence, adults, or old age?

2 second to know the core value of the brand, which is what we call a unique selling point.

3 should be aware of consumer perception and awareness of the brand.

two, must increase the product sales in the short term

1 to target consumer groups have some deep research and understanding of

2 know their own core competitiveness of enterprises

3 clear competitors in the same market which marketing tools or what measures to adopt

4 ensure that the use of our enterprise is the one and only means of speculation and unexpected, have in the market are sensational, executable, supervision, control scheme, and once used this scheme never again, if this point will not find it on, let Yang Fan help you solve.

5 must cooperate with marketing the best time, the hype is a single, to integrate advertising, public relations, copywriting, promotion and other integrated marketing communication tools, a variety of weapons with fire.

three, there must be sustainable development

a hype is after some planning, not a hot forehead, impulse can be, a good speculation process including market analysis and research early, mid event location and writing, public relations, advertising, comment, data monitoring and analysis management late. If there is half a step, then your business mishap is likely to make speculation you really fried hu.

if your company wants to hype but do not know how to hype, or if you have the experience of trying to rebuild the brand failure, then together with the how to correct the problem of how the enterprise hype it!

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