Our first stop will show users Jiangsu grand opening in Taizhou

advent of the golden autumn, the harvest season. Recently, the northern region of the well-known local portal site gathered in Taizhou to discuss cooperation between local portals, sharing and win-win road. After a heated discussion, and ultimately determine the establishment of Jiangsu Wangmeng, and decided to Taizhou Thailand boring held site, Taizhou region has become the "name card" of the Thai party for the Spring Festival Evening Gala boring users upgrade in network users, the first station in Taizhou, the future will be by the year by year to organize the implementation of portal website.

"grassroots star" gathered, shining North stage

November 28th afternoon, Taizhou Thailand boring meeting room site was bustling, northern Yangzhou, Jiangdu, Nantong and Taiwan Wenyou forum Haobin forum, Xuyi 365, Yancheng, Haian, Huaian h.m.t net net, Pizhou, Funing and other well-known forum interactive local portal site responsible for gathering, to discuss matters of North Jiangsu webunion.

it is understood that the site is involved in the establishment of Jiangsu WebUnion well-known local portal site in Northern Jiangsu cities, they are in the local hard years, relying on the public platform, by the grassroots website development of the enormous influence of local network media also has the ability of independent thought.

Internet users Spring Festival upgrade, personal talent will be presented in the northern stage

It is reported that

, the northern Jiangsu local portal site responsible for the meeting not only confirm our established to simultaneously determine the Jiangsu, will also cause the Thai website to hold the big stage boring show onto the North Jiangsu — users upgrade to the network users in the Spring Festival gala. The upgrade aims to tap the talent of the North Jiangsu region, the prosperity of the northern Jiangsu network culture, strengthen the construction of the spiritual civilization of the entire North Korean Internet users.

according to reports, the first stop for the Spring Festival network users in Taizhou Railway Station, will by the city portal hosted every year. "Thailand boring will use successfully held many sessions of Internet users show experience, assist members’ network users in our show.". Thailand boring website executive editor Lu Qiaolin said.

is worth mentioning is that the Spring Festival is not only a combination of Internet users in Sina, the Tencent micro-blog micro propagation, will also carry out Jiangsu carpet bombing propaganda — Subei around portal will participate in the process of publicity.

The establishment of

in network alliance, and determine the Subei Spring Festival created a netizen network, network media in Jiangsu province and the national precedent, marks a new era of network development in Northern Jiangsu area, but also will become a unique landscape in northern jiangsu.

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