Jingdong and today’s headlines push Beijing plans to test the contents of the water

September 27 Japanese: Jingdong and today’s headlines today announced that the two sides have reached a comprehensive strategic cooperation, jointly launched the Beijing article plan". Based on the plan, the future of today’s headlines users can read the scene directly from the electricity supplier services Jingdong, which means that the contents of the headlines have the ability to cash.


The main contents of the "Beijing

plan", the Jingdong group senior vice president, Jingdong mall marketing platform system responsible Xu Lei said, the Jingdong will set up a shopping entrance "Jingdong sale" in today’s headlines, but today’s headlines will be based on personalized recommendation data of Jingdong and the ability to help businesses achieve accurate advertising. In addition, the two sides will also carry out the business cooperation based on interest in reading, shopping, etc. by the Commission, more realizable model to help the headlines.

it is worth noting that, at present, in the latest version of the APP headlines today, "the sale of Jingdong has entered the user interface of a personal page.

is reported that, through this cooperation, Jingdong and today’s headlines of the user system will get through, consumers can buy Jingdong products in today’s headlines reading scene. And users do not need to jump out of today’s headlines App, you can complete the entire process from single to payment.

today’s headlines partner, senior vice president Zhang Lidong said, "Beijing plan" launched the original digestion gap between reading and consumer scene scene, as more people from the media content production provides the content for the real entrance, and the possible realization of the electricity supplier.

in the future, with the Jingdong to reach a cooperation in accordance with the requirements of the brand can be combined with the needs of Jingdong marketing, in today’s headlines on the native advertising. Jingdong and today’s headlines will integrate and open up multi screen, multi platform, multi scene large data resources.

data show that the current headlines today may live more than 130 million users, each user of daily use more than 76 minutes long, every day is 1 billion 970 million times the total content of reading, reading the headlines, accounting for over 90%, up to 1 billion 830 million times. Jingdong annual cumulative active users of more than 188 million people, the total fiscal year Q2 transactions () reached 160 billion 400 million yuan (GMV).

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