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attractive, friendly web design, able to attract more visitors and users. But not all of the site’s founders can become excellent designers, in this case, many founders have chosen to imitate or learn from other web site design. The downside, however, is that sometimes the design you imitate doesn’t appeal to your audience.

in order to find out where the founders are looking for web design inspiration, we interviewed the 11 founders of the Young Entrepreneurs Association (Young Entrepreneur Council).

where do you get inspiration when designing a blog or web page?


PSFK can always tell you what is the most popular in the design field, it can tell you what companies and brands in their products and web pages used in the design. This is a good place to look for design inspiration.

– Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer, AirPR

2 Smashing Magazine

is looking for design inspiration, Smashing Magazine is one of my favorite resources. It’s filled with a variety of popular design trends, and when you’re designing a blog or web page, it’s a great resource for you.

– Phil Laboon, Eyeflow Internet Marketing

3 your favorite brand page

visit your favorite brand’s web page, pay attention to their design, convey the information, as well as the feeling of the web page. You can extract the best elements of their web design and then adjust it to your own web page.

You can also take

eyes to relax a little, not rigidly adhere to the brand that you love. Look at the most popular brands in each of these industries and see how they are designed.

– Andrew Thomas, SkyBell Technologies, Inc.

4 Pinterest

Pinterest can provide you with a variety of design inspiration, not just web design. You can find inspiration in many pictures.

– Emily Holdman Eldridge, PeopleKit

5 WhichTestWon

WhichTestWon is an excellent resource for watching successful A/B testing, which allows you to know what

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