The lottery website push proxy mode splitting agency said the devolution of rebate is not illegal

recently, a Beijing lottery information site staff Ms. Wan (a pseudonym) told this reporter, a lottery website of Shenzhen city clerk repeatedly to "join" in the name of adding the site links in Lee’s blog, and promised to get into the sale of color. The site is divided into "the clerk said, is actually a share ‘Fandian’ lottery sales, sounding like a pyramid scheme, so in unknown circumstances, I do not rashly accept the invitation." Lee told reporters.

in the process to start the interview for the matter, most industry insiders have said that this is the lottery website a relatively new marketing mode, the essential difference between interests and seek illegal pyramid schemes and other acts. On the current situation in the country, as long as there is a lottery channel portal, 90% are all major lottery platform cooperation. This can be referred to as the "splitting agent" marketing model has gradually formed the scale." Beijing, a website selling color Internet related person in charge of the road.

the sale of color "favor" industry Hot Blog

Process overview

the website of the salesman to join, Ms. Wan learned that the so-called "agent" is a pointer to have user access traffic sites, assign a specified domain user access link. Responsible for the promotion of the website advertising links, users trading volume produce alliance through the specified domain name link pay income to the webmaster to share. "It is to let me help pull the members on their website to buy lottery tickets, browse my blog lottery more, this is the resources they need." Ms. Wan admitted.

in the interview process, the reporter learned that, including those engaged in the lottery category of media reports, the company’s main person in charge of the industry, such as the industry is the object of the development of such agents.

in the site to fill in the form of Ms. wan to fill in the form, such as "business agency experience", "personal website address" and so are the need to focus on the project. This site is a self proclaimed "free gambling" salesman said, the site of the "agents" are hits to break millions of blogs. In addition, the reporter also found that in the site of its own publicity Promotion Commission list, the highest income agent has received more than 270 yuan reward.

small site CPS model is difficult to stand

The so-called "

" agent "as a web site development user channels, points out the ‘Fandian’ can be seen as the website promotion expenses paid." About similar marketing mode of motivation, the person in charge of the list, the sale of "color leader sites in 5 million and cooperation, to channel cooperation, Web links and other ways to promote the lottery business, so from registered users, 5 million are able to capture. Each month in accordance with the cumulative bets generated from the channel to the user, rebate".

invites Ms. Wan’s website for this mode >

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