The logistics industry price internal capacity tight supply and demand intensified

in November, the main domestic courier and freight companies invariably raised the price, although the reasons are mostly foreign fuel and labor costs, but according to the understanding, the main reason is the current situation of the logistics industry supply and demand reversal, many logistics companies have to bear the increasing transportation demand.

November 11th, Taobao mall with 150 brand "singles" half off promotions record, 10 hours turnover exceeded 100 million yuan, while the previous Taobao mall average daily turnover of about 80 million yuan. This makes STO limited company marketing director Xia Zubin mixed, he in the day to attend the sixth session of the international logistics Chinese Festival, still watching Taobao mall trading volume continues to surge does not stop. According to Xia Zubin introduction, many domestic courier companies have tight capacity, and the backlog of goods appeared warehouse explosion phenomenon. A variety of promotional activities Taobao mall and other businesses held near the end of the year, let express company more unbearable.

express logistics enterprises to deal with the surge in freight volume one of the measures is to raise prices. For them, a large amount of manpower and material resources are not realistic in a short period of time, and the price increase is the dual goal of transferring the cost pressure and regulating the market demand. "Express companies must raise prices, otherwise they will die, not starve to death, but death." A courier industry veteran said.

, however, most of the companies attributed the rise in costs to the announcement of the price increase. For example, Yuantong express October 27th issued "notice to customers in the book" said that due to the increase in labor costs, transportation costs continue to increase, especially in recent days to fuel the price again, to further increase the company’s operating costs.

November 1st, Yuantong Express documents express price rose 1.5 yuan -2 yuan / ticket goods, express the first heavy freight raised 1.5 yuan -2 yuan / kg, added weight prices rose 1 yuan / kg. Then, Shen Tong, rhyme, Huitong, etc. in the domestic large-scale private courier companies have different degrees of raised tariffs, mainly engaged in road transport logistics, world Arima logistics enterprises have also increased tariffs, up by about 5%-10%.


market demand surge capacity and logistics company, the logistics bottleneck and other e-commerce businesses further highlights. Taobao announced on November 5th that since mid October, Taobao trading volume record highs, which brings great pressure to China’s express delivery companies, resulting in a large backlog of goods. The courier company, and added extra overtime, but still can not guarantee the timely delivery of the parcel, in addition to national diesel tight, limited diesel, the South more than 2000 private gas station due to lack of oil business and so on of the express industry is one disaster after another, due to the current domestic fuel (diesel) Limited supply, no oil can be plus, to express company network bus can not run normally, many of the backlog of goods in the express sorting center.


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