Ease off A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan to expand overseas market


November 24th, outbound free hostel booking platform free guest announced the completion of several ten million yuan A round of financing. The investor is with the domestic radio and television industry in the background of the shadow right.

, on the specific circumstances of the current round of financing will be comfortable guest how the future development of outbound tourism plan fusion hostel and broadcasting industry, traveldaily interviewed the first time free guest founder and CEO Zhang Zhijie.

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2011, Zhang Zhijie and the creation of a free guest in. Zhang Zhijie studied in the United States and worked in Silicon Valley for many years, was responsible for the operation and maintenance of the global website in eBay, has a wealth of experience in the electricity supplier. Cai Xiaohua is the domestic real estate platform anjuke early core team members, with the Internet technology companies. Interestingly, the founder of the "comfortable guest electricity + real estate" seems to be fit with hostel booking platform, but still comfortable off quite a few detours.

it is understood that the early establishment of a free passenger positioning in the travel planning tool, won the favor of sina’s former president Xu Liangjie and other angel investors. But after an angel round of financing, still could not find a suitable profit model, Zhang Zhijie and the team lost. "It took us three months to find the right market." Zhang Zhijie said the team visited a lot of people travel, want to find some suitable for entrepreneurial travel pain points".

finally, Zhang Zhijie will these pain points summed up in one sentence, one day after another life, which has become the slogan of the freedom of the user to use so far. In fact, in the "chizhuhang swim purchase entertainment" the 6 elements of tourism, to "live" as a starting point to extend to other tourism scene mode, has gradually been Airbnb short rental platform to this area of the game player who are constantly exploring and trying to make.

"accommodation, hotel, Inn Hotel and apartment rent short field, there are strong competitors, and innkeepers is blue." In early 2013, Zhang Zhijie saw the pension industry business opportunities, therefore, comfortable guest booking platform transition to focus on the Taiwan market.

In fact,

compared to domestic tourism, outbound tourism for unfamiliar users in the stronger sense of tourism destination, tourism demand is more, for pension depends on natural high. The Taiwan market does not have a strong competitor, the characteristics of its cultural identity is also very suitable for customers such as independent self signed venture companies to expand the market.

in Taiwan B & B market are strong competitors. Fish, for example, traveldaily has reported the island of Taiwan tourism network, the former is also extended to stay as a starting point for the free exercise of the product, while the latter hit Taiwan free exercise. However, in 2014, comfortable guest in their ongoing development and absorption of the local Taiwan B & B entrepreneurial team, Taiwan B & B occupy market share in the first place. Today, the customer has set up a branch in Tokyo, Silicon Valley and Hongkong to seek more overseas market layout.

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