Baidu guards threatened 360 positions at the beginning of the new year was intercepted

today, a lot of friends in the forum, micro-blog response, download and install Baidu guards, 360 anti-virus not only malicious pop-up warning, and if users ignore the warning will appear to continue the installation, installation files are broken and malicious computer crashes, causing serious problems not properly installed Baidu guards.


confirmed that Baidu guards official has received a large number of user feedback, and confirmed the problem does exist. It is reported that many users through Baidu, the top right corner of the page to download and install Baidu guards, 360 antivirus will first pop-up warning, if the user to continue the installation will be missing file prompt, more users appeared in computer crashes, and these conditions are ultimately unable to complete the installation of Baidu guards has ended. In addition to Baidu home page to download the installation files will be intercepted outside the break, there are users from the Pacific software download station download Baidu guards installation files will be treated equally with 360 anti-virus. In this regard, users have complained about this: " micro-blog wanted to install Baidu guards let the computer to run on the new year starts on the 360 time faster, but not directly to wear, this is too high, too hard. " and more friends jokingly said, " from pop to the installation file destruction of competitors, 360 means more and more isspicy bossy, min Jun to also get scared. "

and Baidu guards for 360 so no bottom line violations of user interests, disrupting the market order, in a strong condemnation, but also said it would use legal weapons to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users and their own.

According to

security experts said the main cause of the destruction of the Baidu guards installation file is 360 antivirus in case the user’s knowledge, modify the user to download the Baidu guards installation files, causing Baidu guards to start the service startup error, thus the problems of failure, computer crashes and other installation. The solution in addition to expect 360 to stop this malicious behavior, the user can also choose to uninstall the anti-virus method to complete the installation of Baidu guards 360.

in fact, the previous 360 security products have repeatedly by infringing the interests of users, Baidu guards obstruct the development, which is because of violation of the Ministry Decree No. 20 by the Ministry’s investigation, even CCTV and other media have also been continuously exposed and condemned for its malicious behavior. But compared to the past, 360 of this behavior is clearly a breakthrough in the bottom line.

this behavior, the industry generally believe that this vicious competition and a large 360 unrelated. In the security product market, 360 in the monopoly of other security products are not allowed to grow rapidly. Security software as just launched in June last year, Baidu guards with first proposed " not harassment, do not stress, do not steal privacy " commitment to become one of the amount of downloads and installation of the fastest growing security software products, especially in the rush ticket edition after the release of its high.

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