Double 12 MA in the end how much money

mobile phone wallet to pay for the taxi, free initial fee; convenience store checkout, half the amount of consumption, discounts of up to 20 yuan; the same restaurant, rebates, discounts of up to 50 yuan…… Although many electricity providers of various incentives for "shuangshier" market, but yesterday the "thunder" is Ma’s Alipay wallet with offline consumption, mobile phone all discount "robbed. According to incomplete statistics, as of yesterday, 15:30, the country produced a total of 4 million pen mobile payments, which ranked first in Shanghai trading volume of 870 thousand pen.

, according to official data provided by Alipay, the mobile phone terminal for mobile payment yesterday, a total of 1 million 800 thousand "1 cents to buy less than 5 yuan, the 1 million" drink "opportunity free taxi prices starting at 1 million," opportunity "supermarket convenience store bakery snack shop convenience store discounts (discounts of up to 20 yuan, hypermarkets a maximum of 50 yuan)" opportunity, 200 thousand "food consumption discounts (discounts of up to 50 yuan)". So calculated, Ma at least hit 50 million yuan. This 50 million yuan of big advertising, in the end useful?

yesterday, a lot of convenience stores, bakeries, restaurants can be used to describe the overcrowding. 11 pm, the reporter in Iraq within the square laiyifen see checkout waiting consumers close to 20 people, each holding a mobile phone.


I, near North Sichuan Road Wujin Road, a 85 degree C bakery also felt the mobile consumer enthusiasm, 12 pm, stores goods on the shelves of almost all sold out.

let reporters some surprise is that the use of mobile phone yesterday to pay the bill, more than half of the elderly. A lilaobo son said: "help me last night with" wallet ", but also how to use my temporary counseling."

reporter found that there are many convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurant cashier serves as a Alipay wallet "instructor" yesterday, let many people for the first time the feeling of "no consumer wallet".

This is precisely the

, Ma Yun Hua Yuan 50 million main purpose. Insiders pointed out that the mobile consumer is electric business for the next battle, Alipay wallet as a bridge between consumers and businesses, so that consumers or businesses once accustomed to Alipay wallet, can successfully block the other mobile payment tool. Although the outside look Ma Yun Hua 50 million yuan, but according to the rules of the activity, individual consumers can enjoy the discount of not more than 200 yuan, some consumers even just for a discount of 20 yuan, installation and use of Alipay wallet. From this point of view, the marketing is not only low cost, but the effect is obvious.

yesterday, however, the popularity of mobile payment is probably beyond the expectations of Ma Yun, different types of businesses have suffered payment failures, a lot of shops settlement system failure, suddenly paralyzed. In addition, some shops due to poor network signal, leading consumers cannot open Alipay wallet, also affects the efficiency of the payment.

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